About Me

Im Kylie. Wife to matt & mum to 4 kiddies. i am a wellness advocate with one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Im the founder of the dreamkatchers tribe & run my business from home. I could not be more proud or passionate about our products & business opportunity, particularly for fellow mumma’s.

My mission is to help others by educating on how to bring natural alternatives into your home (& save you $ in the process!). Before Doterra came along I had no idea how to get rid of all the toxic things in my home and thought it would be super expensive and difficult! I was terribly wrong!

This ‘job’ is so rewarding and the never-ending messages of positive stories and overall

‘thanks for introducing me to DoTERRA’ will never get boring.

It is also my absolute mission to show people (particularly stay at home mums/dads) that you can build a business while raising babies! Ive set up duplicable systems to make this biz even easier in our members hub. Succeeding is awesome but when you work alongside others reaching their goals & dreams too, theres nothing quite like it!



We have a fabulous team of people who are succeeding right now in their health and wellness goals and also with their doTERRA businesses. I can help guide the way for you to have that success too either through changing your life to live low tox and /or achieve success with your own doTERRA business.

 My mission is to educate & empower others to find natural, non-toxic alternatives to use in their home. People are seeing huge benefits in their emotions, behaviour & health all while using natural products containing none of the nasties we see in most homes and tummies today! 

AND we are saving $ in the process!

Since Doterra came into my families world we have removed all nasty sprays and cleaners from our home. We no longer walk down that aisle in the supermarket & we have switched to gorgeous, natural products that we can add just a few drops to a spray bottle of water.


Its been so easy to make the switch and saved us a lot of cash! The oils have uplifted our moods & provided calm (especially when you are losing it after school pick up). I feel more in control of my emotions and my health and I know I owe a lot of that to the Life Long Vitality supplements! It will always be a part of my daily routine now! I urge you to try them. They even come with a 30 day money back guarantee! Learn more about them here.


I’m excited for you to see the endless possibilities with our amazing products straight from nature to the bottle!


 I became a Platinum 6 figure income level earner in my doTERRA business within 2 months of starting. I have over 13 years experience in this industry and it has become my absolute passion to help others work towards financial freedom with total flexibility!


Why doTERRA?

I started using doTERRA’s lemon oil recommended by my Doctor for my tummy troubles. After seeing the amazing results, from there I had to know more about these amazing pure products straight from nature. I did lots of research ( I have a science degree with Honours in a past life so I enjoyed the scientific research) finding many amazing stories from others using these pure oils. I also saw the residual income offered by the business opportunity & my mind was blown!

I encourage you to grab a collection of oils. We have the top 10 oils packaged up and discounted for you. Begin to use them in your home and life and if your passion begins to grow for the products, you’ll naturally start sharing the stories you have had with them. Share a little to receive some of your products free or if its extra income you’re after, our business opportunity will appeal to you!

A little (more) about me…

I’m Kylie, wife to Matt, and mum to 4 kids! I have a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors and I’m also a Vet nurse, however, this industry provides the flexibility and limitless income for myself and my family and I get to spread the word and show others its possible for them to have this too!

You’ll win me over with anything chocolate, fresh flowers, pineapple cruisers or a good cheese & biscuit platter with a Moscato!



This is Matt and I with our lovely sponsor child Winnie (from the East African Mission Orphanage).

DoTERRA + Family = Freedom

What the doTERRA business means to myself and my family is freedom. With the incredible income we have the freedom to do things like travel and create memories and set up our beautiful home to be the safe, sanctuary we have dreamed of. We also have the freedom of time. I am able to run my business from my phone wherever I have service! I can go anywhere the worldwide and still be bringing in an income. With my income I can also give back in money and time to causes that are close to my heart like the East Africa Mission Orphanage in Kenya and WIRES which is a wildlife rescue organisation. In the future I hope to sink my teeth into more volunteer positions and show my children that anything is possible IF YOU DARE TO DREAM A LITTLE! 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your doTERRA Path Today!