Here in the one spot you will find all my best suggestions to purchase all your oil accessories such as storage, spray bottles, labels and so much more!


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doTERRA Products

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Refillable Amber Spray Bottles

Brilliant bottles at Target.

You can buy them for $3 each or if you click and collect them to your nearest store & buy 7 ($21) you don’t need to pay any postage fee.


The only link you’ll ever need to shop for labels. Em’s Little Creations.

Oil Business Tools

Beginners – this is a great link for you. Labellane

AromaTools Australia

Looking for more. Check out this site for the best reference books & so much more! This is the site I use the most for my business tools.

Lava Rock Chakra Beads

 I also get my lava stone bracelets from eBay



The best link if you’re looking for soap dispensers/botttles, castile soap, bath bomb moulds etc.

Gorgeous Roller Bottles

I get my gorgeous roller bottles from eBay. I can’t find any on an actual site cheaper or prettier!

I also love Natural Good Life for their amazing sample vials which are fantastic for my business. Check out their site:

Natural Good For Life

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I’m designing my ideal lifestyle using dōTERRA oils and would love to help you build yours. I find dōTERRA so rewarding and will never get tired of the all the incredible feedback I receive about how this company is changing peoples health, wealth and lifestyle.